To send SMS with SMS Mac you need to have an account and an SMS balance. To get an SMS Mac account, please first purchase a one-year SMS Mac subscription via our order page (includes 50 SMS):

SMS Mac Order Page

When you first subscribe, you will receive your account ID, your PIN code and 50 SMS. Later you can buy more SMS. You can purchase bundles of 100 or 500 SMS.

In general, your Account ID is your PayPal email address and the PIN code contains four digits (for example 2519). The PIN code is generated random by the SMS Mac system and cannot be changed.

Please enter your Account ID and PIN code in this preference panel. Enable the checkbox Add to Keychain. Enabling this option will store your PIN code securely in the Keychain.

If you do not remember or have lost your PIN code, in general, SMS Mac should still be able to find it in the Keychain, provided your Account ID is entered in this preference panel. You can also enter your account ID here and we’ll send you the account information.

If the PIN code cannot be found in the Keychain, please contact customer support.

Note: delivery reports will be sent to the email address given in the Account ID preference.

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