Example 2: Apple iCal

The second example shows you how send an SMS at a later specified time. For example, you can automatically send an SMS for a friend's birthday. Another use would be to send yourself a reminder next week to pick up the laundry. We do this by setting an alarm in iCal and have it call an AppleScript.

The script is similar to the script in the previous example:

                     tell application "SMS Mac Scripting"
                           set m to make new outgoing sms with properties {flash:false}
                           tell m
                                 set message to "Happy birthday Steve! Cheers, John"
                                 set recipients to {"+12345678900"}
                                 set sender to "+1456789012"
                                 on error errMsg number errNum
                                       display dialog "Error: " & errNum & ". " & errMsg
                                 end try
                           end tell
                     end tell

Enter this code in Script Editor and save the script as "iCal birthday Steve.scpt" to your hard disk.

  • Create a new event in iCal.
  • Let the event repeat every year.
  • As Alarm select Run script and select the script you saved above.
  • Set the time when you want the SMS to be sent.

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