SMS Not Received

Some settings could be responsible for your SMS not arriving. Most of the time, changing a setting or preference will ensure delivery of the SMS. Below we discuss several settings you can change to ensure reception of the SMS.

In a few cases, the problem could lie elsewhere.

We distinguish between circumstances for Europe/Africa/Asia/Australia and the USA.


You have not set the caller ID of the SMS (especially important in Europe).

Solution: use the Reply to Mobile preference like this:

Open the Replies preference pane of SMS Mac

Select the option Reply to Mobile

Enter your own mobile number in international format

You have used an Alphanumeric Caller ID. Some networks have problems supporting Alphanumeric Caller ID.

Solution: use the Reply to Mobile preference instead. See above.

It could be the mobile number you sent the SMS to, is a so-called ported number. A ‘ported number’ is a mobile number that is not anymore in the mobile network where it was issued, and was moved to another mobile network. We can set up special routing for ported numbers that will ensure delivery.

Solution: please contact customer support.

You have used the Long SMS, Flash SMS or Unicode SMS features.

Solution: please first try to send a Standard SMS.

The mobile you are trying to reach is ‘roaming’. We cannot guarantee delivery to roaming mobiles.


USA: We currently do not support mobile numbers belonging to the Cricket mobile network.