Why a Subscription?

The cost and use of the set of SMS utilities (Address Book plug-in, Dashboard widget, Sidebar gadget etc.) is €10 per year. Why do we ask an annual price for these programs? We will continue to enhance the programs each year and you are entitled to free upgrades. We will maintain and enhance the programs and adapt them for future Mac OS X and Windows releases. We also plan to add even more programs to the set of SMS utilities during the year.

Secondly, the backend of the program which does the actual sending of the SMS, requires constant tuning and updating to keep up with the fast changing world of mobile network technology. The backend runs on a separate server and requires maintenance, control and support all year.

Your SMS credits will not expire while your subscription is active. You can carry over your SMS credits to the new subscription period.

Currently, the set of SMS utilities consists of an Address Book plug-in and a Dashboard Widget for Mac OS X Tiger and Mac OS X Leopard, a Sidebar Gadget for Windows Vista and the Yahoo! Widget for Windows XP.

Available also is the SMS Mac Scripting Application for use with AppleScript on Mac OS X.

The SMS Mac subscription gives you a license to use all our SMS programs (Mac and Windows).