Quick Start – Contacts (Address Book) plug-in

The Quick Start for the SMS Mac Address Book Plug-in is divided into four steps:

  1. Selecting the recipient from Contacts (previously called the Address Book)

  2. Entering your Account ID and PIN Code

  3. Entering your own mobile number

  4. Sending the SMS

Step 1: Select Recipient

Launch the application Contacts

Locate the card of the contact (recipient) you want to send an SMS to

Click on the mobile label of the mobile number

Address Book plug-in

Choose the command Send SMS from the popup menu

Address Book Menu

This will display the main Send SMS window of the SMS Mac Address Book Plug-in:

SMS Mac main window

You can now enter your SMS text. Please note that the country code (+34) was added, because the Add country code preference evidently was enabled. You can look up that later in the Preferences section.

Step 2: Enter Account ID and PIN

Click the Configure… button and click the Account ID tab of preferences

Enter your Account and PIN Code

Step 3: Enter your own mobile number

Now click the Replies tab of preferences

Choose the option Reply to Mobile from the popup menu

Enter your own mobile number in international format

Click OK to dismiss the preferences window

Step 4: Send an SMS

Enter the SMS text

Click Send SMS

After the SMS has been sent, your remaining SMS balance will be displayed.

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