This preference can be set to one of three values:

  • No Reply
  • Reply to Mobile
  • Reply to Email

The default of this preference is No Reply, but it is imperative you set it to Reply to Mobile as soon as you start using SMS Mac.

In essence, this preference determines what the recipient sees as the originator of the SMS, the so-called caller ID.

No Reply

In this case, the caller ID is either undefined or of type text.

  1. Undefined
  2. When the caller ID is defined as text it should be an alphanumeric string. Only letters a..z, A..Z and numbers 0..9 are allowed. The space character is not allowed. The maximum number of characters is 11.

Specifying an alphanumeric caller ID is not recommended. It is not supported in all countries. It is supported in most countries of the EU. Please check and test first before you start using this feature.

When this preference is selected, the recipient cannot automatically reply to the SMS. If you expect or want a reply to your SMS, please write in the SMS itself your mobile number or email address so the recipient can reply. You can make use of the Signature preference to do this automatically.

Reply to Mobile

In this case, the caller ID is your own mobile number. Please enter your own mobile number in the text edit field. Your mobile number should be in international format. That is, it should start with a + and then be followed by the country code. After the country code, follows the mobile number. However, never start the mobile number with a zero. In international format, the leading zero of a mobile number should be dropped.

The recipient can automatically reply to the SMS. The reply of the recipient will be sent to your own mobile.

Reply to Email

In this case, you want to receive the reply of the recipient at your email address instead. Enter your email address in the text input field.

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