Contacts – Country Code

The mobile numbers stored in your Contacts or the mobile numbers you enter manually, must be in international format.

When the mobile numbers in your Contacts are not in international format, you can make use of some preferences of SMS Mac to adapt them ‘on the fly’.

You can enable the preference Add default country code to automatically add the country code for you at the moment the SMS is sent. In this way, you do not need to modify the mobile phone numbers you currently have stored in your Contacts. You can enter the default country code in question in the same preference panel. A list of all country codes is available on the web:

List of Country Codes

You can also enable the preference Strip Zero, which you can use in countries where it is custom to start a mobile number with a “0″, like in the UK, France and The Netherlands.

Might you have international contacts: just make sure that the mobile phone number of this contact is stored in the Contacts with included ‘+’ sign and country code. If a mobile phone number starts with a ‘+’ sign, SMS Mac will not add the default country code.

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