Advantages and Disadvantages

There are advantages and disadvantages of email2SMS.


  • The recipient can reply to the SMS and the reply will go to your email address (see note).
  • Pre-paid customers of T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile can be reached.

Note: If you use the eMobile address of your own mobile, the replies will go to your mobile instead.


  • A big disadvantage from sending SMS through an email2SMS gateway is that you first need to know to which mobile operator the mobile belongs. In contrast, with SMS Mac and sending a SMS the normal way, you only need to know the mobile number and SMS Mac will route the SMS to the correct mobile operator.
  • With email2SMS you cannot use cool SMS features like Flash SMS or Unicode SMS.
  • There are limits on the volume that mobile operators permit on their email2SMS gateways.
  • Delivery of the SMS is not guaranteed, nor is there the possibility of a delivery report. With real, normal SMS, SMS Mac supports delivery reports by email.