Delivery Reports

You should look at delivery reports as follows: when you receive a delivery report you can be sure the SMS has been delivered. However, when you do not receive a delivery report, it means you just don't know (yet). The mobile could be turned off or be out of coverage. In that case, it is still possible the SMS will be delivered but later. It is also possible the SMS has been delivered, but we did not get a delivery report because the mobile operator did not support the feature.

In most cases, when an SMS fails, we will also send you an email about that failure.

We will add other countries to this list regularly, so please check this page often.

SMS Mac supports delivery reports in the following countries:

+420Czech Republic
+27South Africa
+381Serbia & Montenegro
+44United Kingdom
+1United States*

*Most mobile networks, including: AT&T (Cingular), Verizon, T-Mobile.

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